Let’s build a story … 2

The first instalment delivered some interesting aspects, we left it after driving a bit, hopefully we take this further. Only two rules – 1. keep it interesting 2. make it fun to read !

Here we go… to kick off…


It started like any another day in Ronnie’s life. He woke up in the morning went for a jog, stopped outside the church for a few moments and got back home. A quick shower and he was ready to join dad for breakfast and then on to their bike garage. But it all changed when they reached the garage.

There she was. The intruder ! A 1200 cc, aggressive beauty. What made it even more memorable was the gorgeous dark haired girl who was standing next to it. But Ronnie hardly even noticed her the first time he had seen them together. She had heard of his dad’s garage and wanted to get her bike serviced. It was all Ronnie could do to avoid running his hands lovingly over the beauty’s curves. He decided to wait till the owner had left the premises and to be safe, went inside.

In the little cubby hole he called his workspace, he had a poster of the Intruder. But in real life, he decided, she looked far better. This particular beauty had been embellished with saddle bags on both the sides unlike the babe in his poster. Just then he noticed a snazzy car drive up to the garage and the dark haired girl got in to the car.

‘Yes!’ thought Ronnie and went out to the parked bike. He caressed it, up one side and down the other, along the long curves and finally got on to the bike and held both handle bars in his hands. He had never felt such ecstasy in his life.

He was so lost that he did not notice the same snazzy car drive up. The girl got out and came to the bike. She smiled at him and said something. He was too lost to make out anything. He looked quizzically at her. Then realized that she was the owner and probably rebuking him for getting on to the bike.

He got down, “sorry miss, didn’t mean to, you know, always wanted to see this baby”, he managed to stammer. She smiled and said, “no problem” and for the first time Ronnie actually noticed her. He thought, ‘wow, what a gorgeous girl’. She pulled a key out of her tight fitting jeans and opened one of the side compartments on the bike and took a small packet out. She then gave an absolutely dazzling smile to Ronnie and got back in to the car.

Ronnie, was in 7th heaven, he had met the bike of his dreams and at the same time run in to the most gorgeous girl on earth. 

My entry for the Dragons contest ! Read and let me know what you think please.

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“There Be Dragons Here” Writing Contest

Entry One

by Pankaj Jathar

Rakheinir was shocked to see just a wisp coming out. He tried again, this time putting everything in to it. Not even a wisp. “Ice gust”! He cursed involuntarily, immediately looking around to see if anyone had heard him. He was glad to be alone, more than the curse he was mortified that his friends would discover that he had lost the ability to breath fire. He lived in the remote Laptev Sea, just below the Arctic Circle, with a small clan of dragons. They had successfully avoided conflict with humans for a long time by remaining inconspicuous. Rakheinir had never encountered one.

Rakheinir was quite small in size and was generally the butt of jokes. However his ability to make flames held the humor at bay. But now, he thought he might as well just bury himself in…

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A Snippet – Others can fill in …

This is a short story – would be great if others contributed to make it complete, minimum contribution 1 sentence, max 2 paras. Try not to kill any character in a gruesome manner, all else is fine. ideally maintain the thread.


It was a sunny day, a rarity in Agumbe where Mili was camped. She had come with her two naturalist friends to experience the reserve forest. They knew someone who knew someone in the research centre which tracked King Cobras. That tenuous connection had allowed them to c


ome and spend a few days at the research centre. Having never seen an actual King Cobra Mili was all enthused by the idea. She had quickly agreed with Tanveer and Rima’s suggestion to spend a few days here before traveling around Coorg.

The King of Snakes - The King Cobra - Agumbe has the world's largest population of King Cobras.

The King of Snakes – The King Cobra – Agumbe has the world’s largest population of King Cobras.

When they had landed two days back it had still seemed a brilliant idea. Now with leeches sticking to her all over and the squelch everytime she took a step was getting to her. Seeing a King Cobra was exciting of course. But having another poisonous snake fall out of a tree right in front of her was a little too much. She was now completely on edge.